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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Celebrating 92 Years in Business!



It's been three years since we've celebrated our anniversary. Our 90th fell during Covid year, 2020 and in 2021 it was not on our hearts to celebrate during a year of such loss in our family. 2022 has proven to be quite a difficult year as well with hospitalizations, sicknesses, and injuries; however, recovery from such circumstances has placed gratitude in our hearts beyond measure! Though a part of me cares not to celebrate without my husband Glen (3rd generation) or my father-in-law Richard (2nd generation), I look at my sons Aaron & Elijah, now fourth generation at the helm of baking, and marvel at their perseverance and success over the past year and a half. Remarkable is simply an understatement! At the young age of 25 and 21 respectively, they took the reigns, or should I say "apron strings" during the loss of not just one generation but two generation of bakers. In the midst of their own personal journey in grief, they've overcome obstacles beyond numerating. A partnership of their hearts, a love for family, faith, and a commitment to seeing our doors remain open to business is truly the reason why Haegele's can celebrate 92 years in business. They are the reason we have an open door! As I write this entry and think of words from previous milestones, my mind seems to highlight the repetition of "love of family", "commitment", "perseverance" and "faith". Our first generation certainly laid the foundation in this department. How does a business open in the middle of the greatest depression and succeed if not for these four elements. They operated before refrigeration and paved roads. They operated during WWII sugar rations and air-raid drills. They survived through countless waves of inflation, economic downturns, and government regulations. At the young age of 49, August, first generation owner died suddenly of a heart condition leaving his wife Helen to run the business they had forged together from their honeymoon. At the young age of 23, Richard her son took hold of his father's vacated "apron strings" and along side his mother and his Uncle Edward (Helen's brother), Haegele's moved into the next generation. Yes, sometimes history repeats itself in uncanny ways. As Richard grew into his role of master baker he also took on the role of father. Glen was born in 1964 and like my sons, he was raised around the bakeshop. The love of family, and commitment to the business was instilled in the third generation and God truly blessed these two generations with many years together at the bench. Even in the midst of their void, we have so much to celebrate! According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics 2021, 20% of all small businesses fail in the first year, 50% fail in 5 years, 21% will see 20 years, and only 12% reach 26 years. In an article, "Working On A Centennial" written for Indiana Businesses, an estimated 0.5% of all companies have what it takes to last 100 years. Well.... Haegele's Bakery is celebrating 92 years in business this Thursday, which means we are well on our way to that centennial and the elite class of half a percent! Throw in surviving Covid and it's never ending supply chain issues, and we have reason beyond enumerating to celebrate. Join us on Thursday 7/7/22 as we give out cake and usher in another year on the corner of Erdrick and Barnett Streets. Yes, Haegele's is "working on a centennial" and we're getting close!