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Jean Haegele, 2nd generation owner, "Cookie Lady #2" Passes Into God's Glory


To our dear customers:  On Thursday July 14th, 2022, my mother-in-law Jean Haegele passed into God's glory peacefully at the age of 89. Thursday was her son Glen's birthday and how beautiful that God ordained that day for her to be reuinited with him in heaven. As you know the past year and a half has been a period of tremendous loss for our family. Though mom's passing brings another void in our lives it was a great day for her as heaven brings the only true comfort and healing for the wounds of our heart. She is at peace and rest in her savior's arms and celebrating in the presence of those she dedicated her life to...her husband and her children. She has been an incredible presence, mentor, and example in my life and she has been my mom and my friend in some of the darkest moments of my life. She will be in our hearts forever and though unseen, she will be forever by my side at the counter of the bakeshop! She taught me to tie string, how to clean, and how to keep organized books. She taught me that raising children in love and teaching them to know Jesus is the most important task of a mother. She showed me that a family business can work when you take the "I" out of everything and make it about others! She was a "silent" servant and the epitomy of unselfishness. Battling a failing physical body, she had a clear mind and a faith that rivals giants. Mom had many beautiful notes and "treasures" in her Bible and I've decided to share one in closing. The source is unknown but it is dated 4/9/73.

Someday I'll take a journey to a new and beautiful land, and when I take that journey, I'll be holding my Savior's hand.

I'll be amazed at the beauty I see in Jesus' face. When He speaks, His voice of love will never be erased.

I'll meet with Paul and tell Him how his letters have helped me. I'll tell King David in his songs, comfort I did see.

I'll talk with Peter and tell him, that his zeal has taught great things. I'll turn to friends and loved ones too. Praise to God I'll sing!

Someday I'll take a journey and listen to Angels sing. Praises of joy to Jesus; Precious Savior and Mighty King! 

Mom took that journey on 7/14/22 and all that she was looking forward to, became reality and her reward!  

                                                                            Forever in Our Hearts 

                                                                               posted 7/15/22