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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135

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Haegele's Bakery 

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  Fastnacht 2016....

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CBS3 Covers Fastnacht at Haegele's Bakery 2016

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Our 85th Anniversary

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        Bob Kelly

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     at Haegele's 7-7-16

  86 Years- Birthday Cake & Bob Kelly... catch the party:
     Breakfast with Bob        B'day Edition/Haegele's

laur3n_k  "Perfect start to my birthday#snowday#fastnacht"

What Our Customers

Are Saying

      Some Quotes
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"The best bakery in Philadelphia along with the nicest people who happened to be my neighbors. Not many businesses survive 86 years. There's a reason this place is still here and it's because of family tradition.Once you come here you will never go anywhere else for your bakery goods, you have my word on that."        -Joe McClain Sr.

"This place is what Philadelphia was built on. Awesome sweets, amazing family environment, lil store front GI-HUGEIC IMPRESSION. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!   -Robyn Aquino

 "Unbelieveable !! An amazing attention to detail and quality, not seen today."  -Ronald Bruce Moskovitz

"I'm so happy to have found this bakery. I will not go anywhere else. It's super clean, the staff is so kind, their baked goods can't be beat......the cream donut is to die for....... A true gem; one of the few left in this city. Don't bother going anywhere else folks. THIS bakery IS the jackpot."   -Wendy Zembruski Turner

"You have no idea how many people/families treasure the name Haegele's! My mom grew up in the neighborhood and she went there daily! She eventually moved away and started a family, but took my sister and I to your bakery whenever we were in the area. We would stock up on cream filled donuts (best in the world!), jelly sticks (always my favorite), Danish, butter cakes..... My mom has even brought her grandchildren in to experience the ever famous Mrs. Haegele's Bakery. That's what we call it! My mother has a sweet framed photo of my son peeking in the front window that I took on one of our trips there. It's priceless! Thank you for your delicious baked goods, your kindness when we visit the shop, and for all the wonderful memories!"  -Mindy Voo Poole Voorheis