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Their Father's Hands

Aaron & Eli 2021
When a baby is born there is an instant sense of belonging, and it's amazing how sometimes you can see familiar traits in their tiniest form immediately. "He has his father's nose", "she has her mother's eyes", and so the phrases go. Though I never saw instant traits in my three sons, as time has passed (and especially this year in the absence of Glen) I see many of their father's traits in each one of them. It can be in a smile, a walk, a stance, or even a voice. But there is one place where these traits just jump into crystal clear focus; and that is at the bench in the back of the the bakeshop. As Aaron and Eli daily stand at that bench in oh such a familiar posture with icing bag in hand, it takes my breath away and warms my heart all at the same time. Though the physical features of their hands are quite smaller than Glen's, I can honestly say they do indeed have "their father's hands". From the feel of a decorator's bag to the texture of a dough... a baker's hands is where it's at! How fortunate are we at Haegele's that there's an inherited pair of hands threefold. This Sunday is Father's Day and we would like to wish all our dads out there a wonderful day. May the day that is set apart to celebrate you, be filled with love and blessings, and many sweet memories!  

Glen 2014

                                                                                                                 Father's Day 2021