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2020... "Off and Running"

Philly's Finest Enjoying Haegele's Danish on 2 Street NYD

In a few days, January of 2020 will be history...wow! As I post these pictures from the first of the month, New Year's Day, I'm reminded of the phrase "off and running", as in the traditional announcement made at the beginning of a horse race. Though I do feel a bit like the horse that is still in the gate, continuing to write 2019 on order slips and checks and Christmas gifts still for dispersing; the phrase "off and running" also means to make a good start! So instead of focusing on the pace of 2020 and my inability to "keep up", this January post is about it's GOOD START!     

If you're from Philadelphia, you know New Year's Day is all about the Mummers Parade. Whether you're watching it on TV, standing on the sidewalks of South Philly, or in regalia strutting down the streets... it's all about the Mummers. This year, I saw in action another piece to the Mummer's Parade and it had to do with those dressed in blue serving to protect at the annual event. Along with a magnitude of police, fire-fighters, and first-responders scheduled to work the parade and it's route, there's a whole host of Philadelphia 2nd Alarmers, who volunteer at "Two" Street every year. They organize and provide a station of coffee, water, and refreshments for our Police, Fire, and Medical Personnel on duty for the day down at 2nd and Broad Streets. Some of the volunteers are coming off of work shifts of their own but that doesn't seem to hinder their pre-dawn start or enthusiasm.
I learned of the "two" street tradition and the volunteers through Pete Specos, a daily customers and dedicated 2nd Alarmer. He is the one in wig and regalia beads pictured to the left. Though Pete doesn't wear the wig and beads everyday, he does wear that smile and the PFD uniform everyday. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether he is coming or going to work because he has such an enthusiam for life and a personality that's even bigger... the picture shows it! Pete came in Haegele's New Year's Eve for a good luck pretzel and a few things. Somehow the conversation began and by the time it finished, we had Pete's truck packed up with RumRings, danish, and close to forty New Year's Pretzels for the "two" Street tradition. He sent me these pictures with captions highlighting Haegele's danish and generosity but I'd rather highlight the vonlunteer effort and such goodness behind the scenes. Haegele's was honored to help the canteen efforts of our Phila 2nd Alarmers on New Year's Day. In a way it put us at the Mummers Parade as 2020 got off and running, and yes...it made for a really GOOD START of the New Year!                                                 posted 1/29/2020