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Fastnacht 2020

Fastnacht is coming. Infact, "it's just around the corner" on February 24th & 25th this year. Fastnacht is the day of feasting and celebration before the Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday. For those unfamiliar with the Lenten season, it is a quieter time on the Christian calendar with the days leading up to Easter set aside for reflective thought, self examination & prayer, and often the religious practice of fasting. Many people "give something up" for Lent, and often it's sweets. However, on Tuesday, before the fasting begins, it's a time of indulgence and hence the familiar term "Fat Tuesday". Many people know the celebration as Mardi Gras, but for those with German roots it's FASTNACHT, feast night! We make a special butter-sponge doughnut for the "feast", and it is only made and sold 2 days a year. Our Fastnacht doughnuts will be available on Monday 2/24 7am- 6pm and Tuesday 2/25 5am- 6pm. Fastnacht doughnuts are a labor of love for our bakers. They are a 2-part dough and require quite a bit of procedure and perfection. Every one is hand rolled and hand cut  and with heavy cream in the dough itself they're more than a doughnut...they're a fastnacht. They're rich and airy and delicately finished in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. By tradition, the best of the best is made for the "Feast". Come celebrate the tradition with us this Monday or Tuesday and taste the best of the best...a Fastnacht doughnut from Haegele's (215)624-0117.

                                      More than a Doughnut...  Posted 2/18/20