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New Year's Pretzels

The breaking of a"Good-Luck" New Year's Pretzel (Grosse Neujahrsbrezel) is a long time German tradition, thought to bring good luck and prosperity in the New Year when eaten at midnight or by breakfast on New Year's Day. The New Year's pretzel is not a lager pretzel accompanying a mug of beer, but rather a sweet dough or a babka dough that goes with a champagne toast as the clock strikes 12:00, or a spread of butter eaten first thing at breakfast New Year's morning. There are many stories about the origin of this German tradition, but there is a common thought that the pretzel itself is fashioned after the way in which German Monks prayed with their arms crossed in front of their chests. Their Evening Prayers held on the 31st, centered on peace, health, and blessings in the coming year. In keeping with the German Tradition, Haegele's makes Good Luck Pretzels every year for New Year's Eve. We'll be open Monday 12/30 and Tues 12/31 this year from 6am-4pm with pretzels in the store. We do take orders, and you can always give us a call. We invite you to share in this fun tradition with us. Come pick up a Good Luck New Year's Pretzel to break and pass around, and may the coming year be filled with peace and prosperity for all!                2020 Two Days Away  posted 12/30/19