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Father & Son working on Lebkuchen Hearts 2019
It’s Oktoberfest time in Munich, Germany and here at Haegele's as well! Pictured above is Josh and Glen working side by side at the bench on Lebkuchen hearts. I love this time of year when we get to showcase our heritage at it's best. In Germany, Oktoberfest only lasts 16 days with the celebration coming to a close on the first Sunday of October. Here in the United States, the season of Oktoberfest seems to just be gearing up; and so there is more than 16 days of making "gingerbread hearts" for the Haegele men. What is typical fare for Oktoberfest beyond the barrels of beer and links of wurst...dessert of of course! Most people think of Black Forest or German Chocolate cake but Bienenstich, "bee-sting cake" is probably our most requested item. There's apple strudel and cherry-cheese strudel, fresh apple cake (apfel kuchen), lager pretzels, wien cakes, buttercake, Bavarian whipped cream cakes and Sachertortes (chocolate fudge cakes) too. Hefenkranz, and  zweiblekuchen (onion cake) are specialties we sometimes add to this line-up. If there's something you don't find, please always ask; we bake to please as best as we can. As I finish out this post on Oktoberfest, some of you may be questioning what the hearts are all about. Pictured below is a snapshot from Munich, Germany where every store and market tent will hang these holiday favorites for sale. Oktoberfest began in 1810 with the wedding celebration of Prince Ludwig. Though today's celebration is more about the "bier" and good cheer, symbols of love still abound, and so the hearts hang. It's quite popular to wear the Lebkuchenherz (gingerbread heart) around your neck for the festivities. If your really lucky, your sweetheart may pick one out with a saying like "Ich Liebe Dich" (I love You) and present it to you. It's been reported that Zuckersucht (a German confectionary company) bakes 50,000 hearts daily for Oktoberfest. That's a lot of love and a whole lot of gingerbread! At Haegele's, we're happy with a rack full. You can find gingerbread hearts in our store everyday right now and you can always order them (perhaps by the dozen and not the thousand). Happy Oktoberfest..."Prost"... and cheers to all!
Munich, Germany- Oktoberfest 2016
                                               Falling in love with Oktoberfest - Posted 9/27/19