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It's Still Apple Season!

     Folks it is Fall, and in spite of the commercial push for Christmas and all things gingerbread...it is indeed still apple season. Some of the best tasting apples are within our reach right now. So... don't move into the next season so quickly that you miss out on the true flavors of Fall. We are continuing our "apples on a stick", while the Mackintosh is plentiful and perfectly matched to the sweetness of our soft caramel dip and tender crunch. We're peeling and coring these beauties for our apple dumplings as well. A whole apple filled with cinnamon-sugar and some shortening is wrapped in pie dough, baked to perfection and glazed with some vanilla icing. Though the serving size should really equal 2, in our household it is quite common for an apple dumpling to go un-shared (plate clean and licked too)! A scoop of vanilla ice-cream makes for a perfect marriage on your apple dumpling plate. You may want to take the first bite before deciding on it's serving size. And if I may suggest ... sometimes it's best to just buy two. We're also cooking apples into pie filling as well. So on the bench being dipped, in the oven being baked, and on the stove being cooked... apples are everywhere. And so they should be, since it really is apple season after all!
                                               Apples Everywhere posted 11/7/19