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Fresh Peach Cake Season Has Arrived!

New Jersey Free-Stone Peach season is finally here. Glen was at the farm today picking up bushels of these summer beauties which means we begin our week with fresh peach cake and fresh peach crumb pies in the store. A peach left to ripen on the tree is naturally so much sweeter than a peach picked ahead for transit. How fortunate we are to have "The Garden State" as our neighbor with some of the best fruit crops in the nation. Summer never
seems complete til the peaches are in! Come sink your teeth into the taste of summer with a fresh German style peach cake from Haegele's. Don't wait too long, as the season for the free-stone peach varies with the weather. Apples are already on the trees at the farm, and so it won't be long before the color in those baskets above turns red instead of peach. For right now, the NJ Peach is the star!
                                                                            Summer In Full Swing posted 8/5/19