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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135

89... And Another Year Older!

July 7th,1930 Haegele's Bakery opened it's doors for business on the little corner of Erdrick and Barnett Streets in what was considered the up and coming "far northeast". The great Depression thwarted the rising neighborhood and all businesses but not the dreams and perseverance of our first generation. Pictured, is proud owner Helen Haegele standing on the stoop that appears much the same today. Course the transom has been replace for a modern-day air conditioner and the hand-cranked canvas awnings switched out for fixed aluminium ones, but the building, the corner, that little address sign, and the hopes and dreams of the family inside, remain the same. I'm not quite sure how far our first generation visionaries could see into their future but I am certain that they would count each year as an added blessing. Glen's grandparents, followed by his parents, passed on the greatest lesson in business and in life and that is to count each day! Life is a blessing and the opportunity of entrepreneurship a gift afforded by this great nation. Our first generation owners were always grateful for that opportunity even when it yielded nothing but debt during those years of depression. As third and fourth generations continue into another decade, business remains similar to the snapshot of our stoop. Inside the ice-box has been replaced with a modern refrigerator and a hand-cranked register replaced with an electric one... and the Haegele family continues to work side by side producing hand-made pastries and baked-goods for customers who are really more like family. Each day is counted a blessing and every year a thankful milestone! Celebrate with us as Haegele's Bakery turns 89 years old. Throughout the next few weeks of July, our flags will remain up, vintage pictures will be on display, big band music on our stereo and a very thankful "family" of bakers and store attendants awaiting an exchange at the counter (which is always much more than baked-goods and dollars)                                                                                                                                    Happy Birthday Haegele's Bakery
                                                                    89 and another year!
                                                                       posted 7/6/2019