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And Hats Off To Grads

Last week I posted with the tagline "Hats Off to Dads" and now it's "Hats Off to Grads". Actually this year, it's a "Hats off to OUR Grad". Eli our youngest just completed his high school career. With tassel turned and diploma in hand, he is officially done with those school years. As Glen and I sat in the auditorium, the realization that we too are "finished", came undeniably front and center. Commencement is a mixed bag to begin with already. It's a beginning and an ending wrapped up in one; the epitome of an oxymoron. But for this "in the moment" grad, there only seemed to be an air of excitement. For his parents on the other hand, the mixed bag was oh so true. Twenty-three years of parent teacher conferences, school shows, sports teams' sidelines, proms, pictures, and packing lunches and a diploma in this grad's hand brings finality to that chapter for us.
     As I headed to the bakery today with the "mixed bag" of thoughts, I watched a group of teenagers playing a pick up game of wiffle ball in the intersection out front our door. The game of wiffle ball has been taking place on the "diamond" known as Erdrick & Barnett Streets since before I was even born. As I watched the boys play, I realized that they now stand taller than me. I was looking at young men out front, but my eyes still saw little boys at play. Some things change and then again, some things never change. They came in for a brownie when the game was finished, and I sent them home with some cookies too. I couldn't help myself... giving cookies to kids has been going on at Haegele's even longer than the wiffle ball diamond out front. Yes some things change and some things never change.
     It's June, and so hats off to all the grads out there. To those parents who find themselves "graduating" too...well hats off to you as well, and may you truly celebrate the beginning of a new and exciting chapter!                                                                                                                              To Commence is To Begin
                                                                                  posted 6/22/19