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Hats Off To Dads!

Josh & Glen 1994 (father & son)
      This coming Sunday 6/16/19 is Father's Day, the day to celebrate our dads and those who have filled the shoes of father in our lives. I couldn't help but get a bit nostalgic this year as our oldest son has been working full-time in our bakery for the past 2 years. Josh pictured to the left at age 3, has been a teacher, graduated from Drexel last year with a Master's degree in business analytics, and as you can see...has been around the bakery since before he could walk. I love this picture of Father and Son, as they decorate a cake together. How prophetic a scene as we fast forward 25 years and Glen and Josh are sharing a bakeshop bench together on a daily basis. On any given day, that same "bowl knife" is again in Josh's hands as he decorates all our cakes. Course he no longer sits on the bench but stands alongside his dad today. How blessed are we! Our other two sons, Aaron and Eli, are in pursuit of degrees but at the same time remain active at the bakery. Glen's dad Richard, 2nd generation owner, continues to help out "at the bench" even at age 86. Father and Son across the decades has been a key to the survival of the trade and the life of our business. From the beginning, it has been a business that revolved around family and the generations. Mrs. Haegele (1st generation owner) brought her parents to America as soon as the business could financially support it. Richard grew up at the bakery with not just his father, but his grandfather as well. Mrs. Haegele also brought her brothers stateside and like "grandpop", Uncle Eddie worked at the bakery til he could no longer stand at the bench. A long line of God-fearing men have filled the work shoes at our family business, passing on wisdom and strength and lessons about life along with the recipes and the skill of baking.
Josh & Richard 1994 (grandfather & grandson)
    Our hearts are quite grateful to be standing where we are today. At Haegele's, as cakes get iced and danish get baked...we celebrate Father's day, everyday! Same bench, same rolling pins, and same lessons of life.

        Generations of 
         Father & Son...
Josh & Glen (father & son today)

            Celebrating Dads
    & Counting Our Blessings!
              Posted 6/13/19