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Irish Potatoes, Irish Soda Bread...Think Green!

With the recent Nor'Easter, white seems to be the color on everyone's mind these days. But as we put our snow shovels away and come back to the realization that it's the middle of March, the color green comes into focus. It's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and a day to proudly wear Green if you're of Irish descent. Funny how it seems everybody's a bit Irish on St. Patty's day and the "Wearing of The Green" is no longer limited to just a shirt or pin, but rather hats, and beads, lipstick and hair...even fully outfitted leprechaun suits. Even Haegele's turns a bit Irish for the day. Our Irish Soda bread was ranked as #1 in Philly's Best 2016 and our Irish Potato recipe was actually chosen by customer vote. Our Frog hi-hats are not to be forgotten either. They're quite a favorite for many and they're... well, GREEN after all! Our cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and doughnuts are all proof that the "Wearing of The Green" takes place at Haegele's too; it just takes place in icing! Course, I do own a pair of shamrock socks that a customer gave to me... Hmm?                                          Think Green posted 3/16/17