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Fastnacht is coming... in fact "it's just around the corner", as our banners read. Fastnacht is the feast day before the fasting season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. This year Fastnacht falls at the very end of February, on Tuesday 2/28. We will be open on Monday 2/27 7am-6pm, and Tuesday 2/28 5am-6pm for the "Feasting" Celebration. Our Fastnacht doughnuts will be available both days, but only on these two days. We only make them this time of year. It's part of what makes them special. It's the tradition. The other part that makes them special, is the doughnut itself. It's an old world recipe requiring a 2-part dough, which means every doughnut is double the work from the start. Then every dough is hand-cut into diamond shapes with as much precision that a human hand can supply. No modern equipment here, just a maple bench, a rolling pin, and a hand held cutter. Timing and precision are key in the process even with variables like temperature, humidity, and the weather outside. Fastnachts are a true labor of love, and though there are certainly easier ways of making a doughnut, there certainly isn't a better tasting one. The butter-sponge dough of our Fastnacht is the best. Some people know this day as Doughnut Day, or Fat Tuesday, and in some places it's Mardi Gras or Carnivale but in Germany and at Haegele's...it's Fastnacht!  Guten Tag.
                                                                               Proud Tradition posted 2/19/17