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Valentine's Day

Thinking Roses and Chocolate... it must be Valentine's Day! With February 14th around the corner, it seems all things chocolate or decorated in red seem to be making their way into our store. From our butter cookies to our cakes it seems our baker's have been struck by cupid's arrow. Pictured above is our red velvet cakes. Their poured chocolate fudge icing coupled with red buttercream rosebuds captures Valentine's day both in picture and taste. Yes, chocolate and roses....how sweet! Underneath the fudge icing lies a delicate chocolate cake, much like a devil's food cake. The cocoa used for red velvet is slightly different and once the tender mix is baked, the chocolate cake itself takes on a red appearance. How clever of our bakers...thinking all things red and chocolate for Valentine's Day!                           A Sweet Match posted 2/9/17