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Springerle Are Here!

Anise, can you smell it? It's in the air! Yes, Springerle are here. Mountains of winter flour sifted like snow, mix with warm frothy peaks of gently whipped eggs and sweet sugar. Together with freshly crushed anise, a dough of perfection is formed and readied for the rolling pin. Alas, a century old, hand-held pewter mold comes out of storage to press the pristine little bricks of tradition. The carefully pressed "bricks" of dough are cut and separated onto pans and then into the oven they go, where they jump or so "spring" to life. From Southern Germany, our humble Springerle mold has passed through the hands of great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and son. When standing at the bench for Springerle it is best to work as a pair, cutting and sliding the bricks in unison. At Haegele's it is a team of father and son that does this every year and generation after generation. Though Springerle are quite laborious, at 50 lbs a day, they are a recipe that blends together the finest ingredients of family! And so another year of tradition has begun. Springerle are here for the Holidays....and that's anise in the air you smell!     
                                                                             "Bricks of Tradition"  Posted 11/13/15