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Thanksgiving Is Near!

As the calendar for November continues it's march, plans for Thanksgiving Dinner come to the forefront. Tradition seems to hold Pumpkin Pie as the perfect compliment to the famed Turkey. Though we would agree, pumpkin pie is our number one seller for the holiday; it's merely number one of an extensive list of pies and desserts we offer. Over the next week, we will be posting a few featured pies, perhaps not as famous as our pumpkin, but every bit as delicious. To feature all our pies would require more than a month as our variety tallies a staggering 25. For a full list of pies on our website, click on "Holidays", scroll down the pictures to Thanksgiving and following the captioned "Your Thanksgiving Table" you will find an entry. Course, that's only our offering of pies. Our variety of cakes available to order is just as staggering. Feel free to call us with questions or orders at 215-624-0117. We love to explain our variety! Pies, cakes...no matter how you slice it, the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving dinner is dessert!                                         
                                                                                             Gobble, Gobble 11/19/15