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Goblins, and Ghosts, and Witches...Oh My!

The moon has been a little brighter, the evening air a little cooler, and Goblins and Ghosts have been stirring as the 31st draws near. Halloween falls on a Saturday this year which gives us a week full of school activities, Halloween parades and parties, and a full day of Trick Or Treating on the weekend! An array of Halloween specialties will be on our shelves throughout the entire week. Whether you're looking for cupcakes, cookies, caramel apples, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pies, cookie trays, or something more.. just make a trip to our store. Our Washington Cake is in costume too as it's wearing orange stripes instead of it's 
traditional white. This little square of chocolate iced spice cake is steeped in tradition. It was a mainstay item in most bakeshops in our area. As times change, often the old is replaced with new, and so today a piece of Washington cake can be hard to find; that is unless, you're in our store! We try to have Washington Cake everyday. For our Ghosts and Goblins this Saturday, Washington cake is our Trick or Treaters' treat! It's been our Halloween tradition for more decades than many can remember. So as the witches begin to make their brew, pour a glass of cider and taste a piece of Washington cake, and remember the words "trick or treat" should you stop by on Saturday in costume, for no one ever really outgrows the taste of Halloween!                
                                                                                             BOO posted 10/26/15