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Cherry Crumb Pie

At Haegele's we make all of our own fruit pie fillings. Whether it's for a couple of pies on a slow day or over a hundred for a holiday, we take the time to cook our fruits. Many people taste the difference in our lemon, but for the discerning customer, it's in our cherry filling where our quality is most noteworthy. The right amount of sugar balances the tartness of the cherries; not to sharp to bite your tongue and yet not overpoweringly sweet. It's a harmonious filling when the fruit liquid is cooked to the right consistency; not too congealed and not too runny either. Choose our crumb topping over our traditional crust and the perfect pie is complete. Nothing goes better with our cherry pie filling than the blend of our cinnamon and brown sugar crumbs, and there's no better companion for our cherry crumb pie than a chilled scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Course then you would  have to decide.....Fork or Spoon? Oh the dilemma!                                                               Posted 11/24/15