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Cocoanut Custard Pies

Eggs, milk, vanilla, sugar, and tender flake cocoanut are the ingredients to a cocoanut custard pie. Mixed well, allowing the cocoanut to float throughout, the egg mixture is then poured into each pie shell in the oven. The process seems quite simple thus far but a picture of our pouring process would give another perspective. Once the pie shell is filled, it cannot be moved and so the pie shells are all place in the oven first using an 8ft long oven peel. Next, the pouring-pot is filled and like the oven peel, it has an 8ft long handle enabling our bakers to reach the back of our oven. Every pie is hand poured using the pouring pot. There's quite a bit of heat standing in front of our brick oven. Place the 8ft pouring pot in your hands along with the need to fill every shell to its brim and things get a bit more intense. Bake each pie so that it colors without scorching the top and well, there's no "hotter seat" for the "oven man"...that is until it's time to pour the pumpkin.                                                                                   Posted 11/23/15