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Zwieblekuchen is Hot!

Zwieblekuchen is hot out of our oven today. The spelling may be intimidating but Zwieblekuchen, simply said, is "Onion Cake". It's authentically German and there is nothing quite like it. Though it is referred to as "cake", it is really more of a bread. The "cake", or bread dough bottom, is covered with a layer of sour cream, sauteed onions, and bacon. It's dusted with paprika and caraway and then baked to perfection. Warm or cold, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or appetizer...Zwieblekuchen goes!! Onion Cake is a specialty item that we only make occasionally. These winter days give us the opportunity to feature such favorites, and to bake to your requests as well. Have a craving for something you haven't seen in a while...just ask and if able, we'll put it on our baking agenda. Zwieblekuchen is here this week, because someone asked. By request, Kugelhulph, and Obst Tortes are on our shelves this week also. We really do bake to order, unless it's a fastnacht doughnut you are after. For that my friend, you must wait...but not too long. Fastnacht is February 16th &17th, just a few weeks away. Guten Tag, "Good Day" for now.                                                                  posted 1/22/15