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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135


Valentine's Day, "Sweetheart's Day" is fast approaching and trailing by only a few days, Fastnacht or "Donut Day", the single most sweetest day of the year. Yes, double the sweet thoughts for sure! Our cases are decorated with an array of red and pink, and heart shaped treats for Cupid's famed day. Our chocolate logs are "heaven wrapped in chocolate", as best described by one of our customers. So, for the chocolate lover in your life, we've made quite a few of these "heavenly" treats. Our Strawberry Shortcakes are naturally adorned with the color of pink. Slicing fresh strawberries into fresh whipped cream allows for the natural juices of the fruit to color the cake's filling... naturally! It too is a "heavenly" delight and a sweetheart's treat when given with "Berry Much Love". Amongst all our Valentine specialties are Springerle and Gingerbread men and Fastnacht pictures since the sweetest day at Haegele's is only days a way. Monday 2/16 and Tuesday 2/17 we will have our famous fastnachts available. They are only made once a year, and so when Fastnacht 2015 is over, you'll have to wait a whole year. Sorry, no "half way to fastnacht" appearances as someone had suggested
on our facebook page. Though agreed by all that it is a sweet thought for sure, Fastnachts remain a special tradition because we keep them that way... special... made only for the feast before the fasting of Lent. Orders are being taken for Valentine items and our Fastnachts. You can reach us at 215-624-0117 during our store hours.  Ah yes, double the sweet thoughts this year!!!
                                                                           Posted 2/11/15