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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!! Haegele's is open til 4 pm today. We have a full line of pies and whipped-cream desserts for tonight's festivities and tomorrow's Holiday dinner table. We have a limited number of New Year's Pretzels available. So if you did not have one on order, give us a call or stop by soon. What's a New Year's Pretzel, you ask? German tradition, has it that everyone who breaks and eats of the pretzel will have Good Luck in the coming year. Our pretzel is made of a babka dough, a sweet dough, with our signature braid at the bottom.It's not meant to go with mustard, but rather a champagne toast or butter. At midnight when the clock counts down, pass our pretzels around and share in a fun tradition. For those that turn in before the clock strikes 12, breaking and sharing the good luck pretzel on New Year's day is well within the tradition. Best Wishes for health and happiness in the New Year. Haegele's will be closed for a Holiday break 1/1- 1/7/15, with a return to normal business hours on Thursday 1/8/15
Good Luck New Year's Pretzel