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Reflections on "All Hallows' Eve"

At home last evening as I was giving out treats to the twelve trick or treaters that came to my door, I couldn't help but reflect on the day and and think about years past. The bakery was open from 6am-4:30pm for Halloween and though we were busy, compared to years past... it was relatively quiet. There was a time when we gave out more than 400 pieces of washington cake to trick or treaters alone. But as I was thinking about numbers, including the times my door bell was ringing, two very clear snapshots of Halloween 2018 came to my mind. The first one was of a little princess as she stood outside the bakery's window at 6:30 am in the dark waiting for her school bus to arrive. I stepped outside to give her a piece of Haegele's traditional Halloween treat and admired her beautiful costume. Her smile was precious and priceless! She was just one, but precious and priceless! The second snapshot memory is the picture above of Glen's cousin, "The Hulk". He had to stop by to see Glen as this Halloween marked 40 years since he had met his wife. St John's youth group was hosting a Halloween costume party and had invited other neighborhood churches. Glen was the D.J. that night for the dance and his cousin was dressed up as none other than The Hulk. The "Hulk's" wife was a visiting "mummy". Who would have thought of such a chance meeting at church and that later they would marry and become life partners. Forty years... that's a number richer than 400. In sickness and in health, to death do us part...The Hulk and his Mummy count their blessings everyday and one by one. The Hulk turned out to be our only costumed adult visitor of the day. Again he was just one, but priceless and profound! My snapshot thoughts of Halloween 2018 were vivid reminders to not compare years or memories but to celebrate what Life has right before us here and now and to keep my eyes fixed on all that is good and precious.... like the green smile above or the one on a little girl eager to go to school in costume and thankful to receive a simple piece of washington cake even at 6:30 in the morning.                Moments To Count Posted 11/1/18