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Fall....Harvest Time....Apple Picking Season at it's best...and Halloween! Can you smell the hot cider or taste the sweet caramel. I love this time of year when we dip our own caramel apples. I can't imagine them finished any other way now, other than rolled in our tender crunch topping. They are addictive! The caramel is sweet and soft. The crunch is tender and tasty and the apples are crisp and slightly tart. It's the combination that matters and once you sink your teeth into one, you'll know why. Quality... through and through, starting with the finest apples of the Fall season.

We dip only a pan or two at a time, to assure freshness. If you happen into the store and we're all out, just leave an order for the next morning. We're dipping daily these days. You can sink your teeth into our apple while it's on the stick or you can cut it down into slices if you prefer. There is no right or wrong way to eat one of our caramel apples. The only error is if you never eat one!      AppleTaffy posted 10/24