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Congratulations Graduates

Ah yes, tassels and gowns, and achievement secured... a diploma the award! Graduation season is here. Whether it's high-school, college, or graduate studies that are celebrated, graduation is a milestone of mixed emotion. It's an ending and a beginning wrapped up in one. Like the proverbial half glass, one's perspective gives focus to whether it is more of an ending or a beginning. Either way the "glass" appears, there's great joy and accomplishment mixed with some sadness, uncertainty, and fear. The same can be said for parents. We know this all too well, as we recently celebrated our middle son's college graduation. Memories behind you, an uncertain future ahead, and achievement you're proud of somewhere in the middle. Even with all the angst, graduation is one of those great moments in life to be celebrated and enjoyed. To all our 2018 graduates (parents included), we wish you joy in a "glass" most filled this season! Congratulations & Best Wishes.

             An Ending & Beginning
                 Posted 6/4/18