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Celebrating Dads

This Sunday is Father's Day and we will be open on Saturday 6am-5pm and closed on Sunday as usual. As I looked around our store this week with decorations celebrating Dad's and Grad's, this picture vividly came to mind. I had to search the archives to find it as the year was 1996. Twenty-two years ago, between decorating cakes, Glen in his baker's whites, ran over to St. John's church to watch our oldest son "graduate" from preschool. We came back to the bakery so Glen could finish work, when in reality, those hours were a time of celebration. His grandparents, and all the store ladies made such a fuss. Josh had all the cake he wanted. It was a "party", and in his own 5 year old words "here me am", as he walked through the bakeshop's door. Fast forward 22 years, as Glen leaves from the bakeshop, still in a white shirt, to head off to another graduation. This one is Josh's graduation from Drexel's graduate program, a master's degree in business analytics. As he processed in, wearing all his graduation regalia, the above picture again came vividly to mind. I confess, that tears rolled down my face while his dad was shouting "H-A-E-G-E-L-E". The only words coming to my mind were "Here me am". Two decades of milestones and memories and all seems like just yesterday. As we left the ceremony, Glen and Josh walking side by side, I couldn't help but think,  
"Father and Son... it's timeless."
To all our fathers out there, we wish you a blessed day on Sunday in your honor. May it be filled with memorable moments and timeless joy! 
Hats off to Dads & Grads 6/15/18