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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135


Ah yes, our "Birds" are ready to fly.... those are our Eagle Hi-Hats pictured above in honor of our Eagles football team. There's nothing like a championship that seems to unify a city. As this Super Bowl weekend has approached, I've been watching porch lights turn green, Eagles' flags flying from houses and cars, hats from every era, and jerseys, jackets, and sweatshirts walking through our front door. Perhaps the cutest display of Eagle spirit is hanging in a window around the corner from our store. Hand painted on what appears to be a sheet, the size of the whole front window are the words GO EAGLES. That's what kids did years ago across the city. You would also wrap your bicycle in streamers of the team's color, but now that's dating myself. We have had many colors to be proud of but right now it's all about those BIRDS... Green & White, all the way! It's their time to FLY! With such a unifying team of talent, grit, and character, things are looking really good for Philly! We're open Saturday 6am-5pm with football cakes and everything green. Sunday we're closed, and we'll be at home watching the game with the rest of Philadelphia. Fly Eagles Fly... on the road to Victory!                                                      Super Bowl Weekend posted 2/3/18