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Back To The Bench

After a short New Year's break, it's "back to the bench" for our bakers. Our doors are open again as we resume our normal business hours:  Tuesdays-Fridays 6am-6pm, Saturdays 6am-5pm, and closed Sundays & Mondays. We remain a small "mom & pop shop" and so 5 days a week is a busy enough work week when standing at our benches. Holidays are always a highlight, but sometimes it's nice when things go back to normal. Course with just a little over 30 days to Fastnacht, things won't stay normal at our benches for long. Pictured to the left is my husband Glen, back to work in his baker's whites. If you hadn't noticed when you were in through the holidays... Haegele's T-Shirts are back by demand. These are "2nd generation" t-shirts. They're white this time, with a pocket and signature script on the front
and our logo on the back. You may remember our original green t-shirts, you may even still wear one. Now there's one to go with bakers' whites. Why do bakers wear white anyway, you may ask???...  conceals the flour that they wear from working at the bench. Ahhh back to business as usual at Haegele's!

Back to The Bench  posted 1/9/18