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Merry Christmas to All...

I am not sure where the days have gone but December 24th is upon us. It's Christmas Eve 2015, and the Christmas Holiday is here already. In Germany, Christmas Eve is the highlight of celebrations with family and food and good cheer. For many, Christmas day will be the day of family gatherings. Whenever you're celebrating... Haegele's is open on Christmas Eve 12/24 from 6am-4pm. We would like to wish all our customers a beautiful and Blessed Holiday with your family and friends. We feel like we have been celebrating with each and everyone of you as patron our store these December days. How fortunate we are to have been celebrating all month with you. Pies, cakes Springerle, strudel, babka, stollen, doughnuts, danish, cheesecake are all on our baking agenda. As you sleep, our bakers go to work like elves so that by daybreak, our shelves can be filled with the traditional tastes of the holiday. Pictured to the left is our holiday stollen, which pairs perfectly with that cup of Christmas tea!!! It's a sweet dough studded with a small amount of fruit and raisins and finished with powdered sugar. Christmas breakfast is just not complete without a stollen in our house. Course for me, it just wouldn't be Christmas morning without a piece of our almond strudel. Well, the countdown has started, Santa is en-route, and whether we believe it or not...Christmas is upon us, and so Blessings to all and to all... a good night!