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Blue Skies & Blueberry Bushes!

 Sunday's drive on Father's Day proved to be quite fruitful! As our car was heading to the shore area both 2nd and 3rd generation owners happened to notice the abundantly "blue" blueberry bushes. Like Father, like son both questioned in unison "Could Jersey Blueberries be ready?" Our plans took a back seat for a bit as our car took a short detour to the Blueberry Farm where we find Jersey's finest. They were after all, "just around the corner" at that point. Vaccarella's is a father and son operation, much like Haegele's and likewise, off the beaten path. You have to know they are there. We pulled right up the dirt road that led to their packaging plant. With 4th generation at their side, the Haegele men exchanged the first of this
year's greetings with the owners. The bushes are indeed "blue" and ripe for pickin. Our youngest had the chance to see the process from conveyor belt and boxed pints, to wrapped flats and fork lift transfers. The farm's business is essentially commercial and so "picking and packing" was taking place in spite of the fact that it was Father's Day Sunday. From bush to box we picked up enough cases to fill the back of our car. As we left the farm, our conversation turned to all things "blue"... blueberry muffins, blueberry pudding cake, blueberry cups. And so the list went on, along with our baking plans for the week. From beautiful blue skies to abundantly "blue" bushes, the official start of summer is looking bright. And from blueberry bush to blueberry muffin in just 2 days, the taste of summer can't get any fresher!!!



   Beautifully Blue

        Posted 6/23/15