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 GOOD MORNING...the sun is up & breakfast is ready. Morning Breakfast Bread is in the store today. Bacon, eggs, cheese, and a delicate scattering of fresh onions are all baked right into our bread round. Yes, the flavor of breakfast in one bread. But don't let the name fool you. Morning Breakfast Bread goes well anytime of day. It serves nicely at dinner, replacing a roll with a twist in flavor.In our house it's sliced and toasted with a sliver of cheese for lunch or an after-school snack. Morning Breakfast Bread is one of those items that we only make occasionally. It is a favorite for a few, and so we keep a list of names of those who wish to be called when breakfast bread is on the baking schedule. Your name can always be added should you fall in love with this occasional special. But for today... Morning Breakfast Bread is here!
                                                                                                       Posted 4/16/15