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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135


Helen (Gildein) Haegele
     In 1927 German immigrant, August Haegele arrived in America with nothing but his dream of starting a bakery business. In about the same year, Helen Gildein, American born but resident of Hungary, returned to America with nothing but the desire to retain her American citizenship. By chance, the two met at a Fairmount Park hiking club and later joined their hands in marriage on June 25th, 1930. No time for a honeymoon... as the two embraced the American dream together. The newlyweds opened the front door to Haegele's Bakery on July 7th, 1930, with nothing more than the change they had in their pockets.
     August and Helen raised two boys right above the bakeshop. Erich, returns to this day to perform repair work and always lends a hand at holidays. Richard, master baker, has made Haegele's a lifetime commitment, becoming a partner and owner first with his mother, and later with his son. Richard, along with his wife Jean, raised two children, Linda and Glen. Though the couple is well into retirement age, like the generation before them, they continue to work as a vital part of a family business. Glen, now third generation owner, has likewise made the bakery his lifetime commitment along with his wife Cheryl. The two are raising three boys, Joshua, Aaron, and Elijah, who are all active at the bakery today. On any given holiday or Friday night, there remains three generations of Haegeles working side by side. What a sight to see...father, son, and grandson all learning from each other with a mutual respect for the work and craft that lies before them.
     A lot has changed in this world over the past eight decades, but Haegele's strives to remain the same....a humble business and a way of life! Our family has been blessed with dedicated, long-time employees and a truly faithful following of customers. With your help, and the fourth generation in the ranks, we continue to write our history everyday on the little old corner of Erdrick and Barnett Streets.
August Haegele with sons Richard & Erich