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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
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       We have been making specialty cakes since 1930. Our cake decorator is Glen Haegele, Master Baker and 3rd generation owner. He has been our one and only decorator for 30 years! He trained directly under Mr. Wilton in Chicago Illinois and is certified in multiple specialties of cake decorating. Every wedding cake made at Haegele's is custom decorated to the Bride and Groom's discerning preference. If there is a style or cake you cannot find among our albums, simply bring us a picture and we will work with you. With 30 years experience and a well-skilled hand, such possibilities exceed our collection of photos. A sampling of Glen's cake decorating styles is highlighted in the pictures that follow. The amount of pounds, the amount of tiers and the amount of dividers all determine the appearance of a cake as well. Choices continue beneath the style of decorating. Wedding cakes and tier cakes are made from our own recipe of pound cake, available in "plain" vanilla,  marble, orange, or chocolate-chip. Can't decide....then order multiple flavors. Every tier can be different. Variety is our signature.                                        

AUSTRALIAN LACE CAKES are covered in rolled fondant to give a satiny background for the delicate trims which include: fine lace patterns and silken ribbons. The delicate gum-paste flowers with added ribbon and tulle, regally compliment this pristine cake and serve as a lovely keepsake corsage. Australian Lace is a specialty style of decorating. Each cake is skillfully handcrafted and artfully finished and no two cakes are exactly alike.

The flowers on an Australian Lace Cake are Gum Paste Flowers. They are made from a sugar mixture that becomes a pliable dough yet hardens firm. The sugar dough or "gum paste" is rolled out, cut and worked into shapes with fine tools. The flower shapes are then molded around wire and once firm, assembled into bouquets and dusted with colors as desired. The finished flowers take on a porcelain appearance which compliments the ornate and pristine style of Australian Lace. Silken ribbons are wrapped, woven, or cascaded on the cake. In the above picture, the Bride and Groom's preference was for black satin ribbon on bouquets only.

PULLED SUGAR STYLE is also known as "Taffy". With this style of decorating, sugar is melted to 310 degrees, then placed upon marble where it is stretched and pulled into ribbons, flowers, bows, and shapes for decorating. As the sugar cools, it hardens into candy. Pulled sugar is a shimmering art, that requires very quick and skilled hands. The cake is completely iced with buttercream frosting underneath. Eating the taffy is always optional, but the entire cake is completely edible. Pulled Sugar flowers and leaves which take on a "glass-like" appearance, can be added. The taffy itself can be colored as well. Pulled Sugar is stunning and unique.


are decorated "white on white" with our soft buttercream icing. The dramatic drapes and trims are trademark of the traditional style of decorating. White roses on white icing can be accented with gold or silver leaves. Additional variations include colored drapes and trims, colored roses, and flowering cascades.  A traditional style cake can also be complimented with royal icing flowers. Royal Icing is a mixture of sugar, egg whites, and glycerin which produce a thick liquid icing that dries to a smooth hard finish. Although these flowers are made
of sugar, and are created using an icing bag, they are not the soft flowers of buttercream  frosting.  The hardening characteristic of Royal Icing allows for the creation of lace like Lambeth scrolls (as on the cake to the right), the hanging icicles on a gingerbread house, and specialty flowers which stand erect and are easily cascaded and overlapped. Such specialty flowers include poinsettias, petunias, daisies, and sunflowers. Flowers on a cake, either traditional buttercream or royal icing, can be one color, an array of colors, or shades of a color (as in the "shades of pink" on the cake to the right)

Today's contemporary styles of decorating often forgo the trademark trims and drapes of the traditional style but often maintain the white on white design. Smoother edges and simpler decorations are often a preference. Silver, gold, or pearl dragees (the small edible confetti like balls on the cake to the left) are making a comeback. Though appearing on many contemporary cakes today, in the 1940's-1960's scattered silver dragees were a staple on a wedding cake, ...just proving that some things never go out of style.

  SWEET TABLES  are also available for order!