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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135


Glen Haegele, owner and master decorator, 
at work in the Bakeshop.

Did you grow up in Philadelphia?
If you did, do you remember Washington Cake?

The Making of Washington Cake at Haegele's Bakery 
in Philadelphia PA

Richard Haegele adds molasses to the mixture

Washington Cake is a fond childhood memory 
for many Philadelphians. 

Richard Haegele adds flour to the mixture

Entering into a family owned bakery in Philadelphia, 
you could purchase 
a square of Washington Cake for a nickel. 

Freddy removes the beater from the batter.

Today, many of those small bakeries are gone, 
and along with them, Washington Cake. 

Freddy weighs and fills the pans with batter.

But not Haegele's Bakery! 

Glen Haegele evens up the batter.

Haegele's Bakery has been in business 
since 1930 when 
August and Helen Haegele 
opened shop. 

Today, the bakery is still in the family 
and operated by August and Helen's 
grandson, Glen, and his wife, Cheryl. 

Glen Haegele begins icing the cake.

Glen and Cheryl's children are often called in 
for an extra hand during the busy seasons. 
That makes the Haegele's Bakery
a fourth generation business! 

Glen Haegele prepares to decorate the cake.

When visiting the bakery, 
little has changed since the early days.  

Glen Haegele adds the decorative icing.

The oven, mixer,
and most equipment
are all vintage items still in use today.  

Adding a little pizzazz! 

When something breaks, 
Haegeles find a way to repair it 
instead of replacing it.

The finished product.

Because some things are irreplaceable!

Cheryl Haegele packages an order of Washington Cake.
As soon as the tray was delivered to the bakery storefront, 
1/2 dozen squares were purchased. 

Making Washington Cake...
 through all these years. 

So if you find yourself with a craving 
from your childhood, 
handmade just the way you remember it...
stop on by. 

Haegele's Bakery 
4164 Barnett Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135 
(215) 624-0117