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St. Patrick' Day Arriving!

It seems we're still shaking sugar off our shoes from Fastnacht, while St. Patrick's Day arrives this weekend! Um-pah music has been switched out for the smooth sounds of the Irish Tenors, and German Steins replaced for shamrocks and a pot of gold. Cinnamon sugar however, continues to fly... though not for doughnuts, but instead our Irish Potato candies. We've been rolling out these holiday favorites at a feverish pace this year. Like our fastnachcts, there's no time to count but just create! If our creamy coconut concoctions are on your list of favorites you may want to stop by our store or give us a call 215-624-0117. Our last batches are being made and before we know it, it will be time for Easter Eggs. It's been a very busy season at our little store, and we thank all of you, our customers for keeping us running even at a pace that leaves sugar in our shoes.                                Rolling into St. Patty's Day posted 3/14/19