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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
4164 Barnett St., Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Haegele's Bakery Celebrates 88 Years In Business

     This Saturday, July 7th, marks our 88th year in business. I am quite certain when Glen's grandmother and grandfather opened our front door for that first day back in 1930, neither envisioned the day we are now celebrating. In 1930, Mayfair was still in part, on architectural drawing boards. Levick Street appeared like the the city limits with nothing but farmland to the north. A rising neighborhood and the dream of sole proprietorship.... a new home, a new business, and newlywed; all seemingly like a movie script with the exception of the year, 1930. The Great Depression was in full swing halting the promise of the "Great Northeast". As plans for the neighboring blocks laid on architectural tables, Haegele's opened it's door to a mostly empty neighborhood. Those who had moved in, were struggling to keep their homes out of foreclosure. It's not a dream that most people would embrace. But on July 7th, 1930, August and Helen Haegele, reached for their dream. They reached into their pockets, stocked the register with the little change they had, and reaching for the doorknob they opened for business, and began our story. Eighty-eight years later, my husband and I are most fortunate to still be living that dream. When I think of their fortitude, courage, and faith, I am beyond humbled. When we celebrated 75 years in business, the Commonwealth of Pa recognized our milestone with a Citation of Achievement. I dusted it off and placed it in our window display of nostalgic pictures. I remember that day like it was just last year, but the embossed print does not lie and it was 13 years ago. A customer commented that we're closing in on that 100 year mark; and so it seems we are. Come celebrate with us on Saturday as we give out cake and commemorate a living dream, Haegele's Bakery on the corner of Erdrick and Barnett Streets.
                                                                                       Another Year!
                                                                                     Posted 7/5/2018