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Easter Week Is Here!

With the celebration of Palm Sunday this weekend, Easter Week is officially here. Most folks would agree, that it seems "too early" for it to be Easter, but the countdown of Lent is never wrong and Holy Week has arrived. Though it's not the earliest Easter on record, the presence of  snow certainly makes it memorable. While our gardens may be in shock this year... things at Haegele's are in full bloom! Easter Egg Cakes, Coconut Marshmallow Bunnies, Chick and Bunny Cookies, Hi-Hats, Babkas, and Almond & Poppyseed Strudel, join our Lenten Hot Cross Buns this week. Our cases are truly in full display and it's a beautiful season. As the snow melts, and the week gives way to the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday, may each day bring a message of hope. This Friday (Good Friday), we are closed during the hours of 12-3 pm in observance of the hours Jesus was on the cross. It was once commonplace for businesses to close during these hours on Good Friday, but today we find the need to post our closure. Our apologies for any inconvenience as we observe all of Easter week. To all our customers...we wish you the joy and blessings of Easter! Perhaps by Sunday, there may even be a flower in bloom mirroring Easter's promise!                                                                                                       Posted 3/24/18