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The Imprint Of Springerle

As leaves turn their color and the air turns crisp, the scent of anise begins to emanate from our bakeshop. The change in season brings forth the beginning of one of our most loved holiday specialties, our Springerle. Before the first leaves reached the ground this Fall, we we're getting phone calls, and orders for this German gem. Pictured above is also our Springerle mold which dates back beyond our bakery's establishment. As an apprentice baker in Westheim Germany, August Haegele learned to use this handheld baking tool.  He brought very little with him when he came to America, which makes this picture even more endearing to our family. He valued this tool of the trade and his heritage that it represents. Our family had the opportunity to visit Glen's grandfather's hometown of Ottendorf, Germany this summer for the first time. We were greeted by an extensive amount of warm and welcoming family, whose outpouring of love cannot be captured by written words. The connection was so strong and felt by all. As I posted the above picture, I was reminded of our experience this summer and it left me wondering... when August took this press out each year, did memories of Ottendorf come to his mind? As I look at the little pewter pictures of the mold for the first time this season, I see more than just tradition and heritage, I see the pristine half-timbered houses of a quaint little German town. And as the mold is put to use, leaving it's impression upon the dough, I'm reminded of the faces and the love of family that has forever left an imprint on my heart.
Westheim-Germany,  bakery apprenticeship of August Haegele
      Perhaps you won't think of Ottendorf when you bite into a Springerle this year, but I'm sure there are memories and traditions of your own connected to this cookie. Come smell the anise, taste a Springerle... the memories are sweet, indeed!

           Posted 11/8/17