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Quality Baked Goods In the German Tradition Since 1930
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Prost... Oktoberfest!

A gathering of people celebrating friendship and good cheer with food, fun, and music seems to be a tradition that all can relate to whether your heritage is German or not. The largest Oktoberfest in the world takes place in Munich Germany every year. Though it comes to an end by the first week in October, the tradition of Oktoberfest continues in many Fall celebrations and festivals beyond the borders of Germany. Here in the U.S, there are cities that host large Oktoberfest celebrations, including Pittsburgh who often ranks in the top 10 celebrations in the nation. But the backdrop of "Ump-Pa-Pa" music and knee slapping cheer is just as suitable for a backyard gathering as it is for city-wide celebrations and the 5 million in Munich, Germany. Great food is of course at the heart of every Oktoberfest celebration, small or large. Since Haegele's proudly
bakes in the German tradition, we have an extensive dessert list that is quintessential Oktoberfest. Pictured above are our Black Forest Cups, individual portions of cake ready for serving a crowd, perhaps hundreds. Our traditional Black Forest cake, Bee-Cake, Afpelkuchen, Afpel-Strudel, Bavarian-Cream Cakes, Sacchertortes, Wein Cakes, and lebkuchen hearts are all authentic desserts that not only compliment an Oktoberfest celebration, but truly make it an experience! German desserts are the centerpiece, the "icing on the cake" if you please, for the taste-bud indulgent smorgasbord of Oktoberfest! So taste and toast. "Prost"...cheers to food & friends!                                                                                Oktoberfest Cheer posted 10/5/16