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Fresh fruit is indeed a signature taste of summer. By now in August, blueberries have made their debut and usually begin to take a back seat to peaches and other fruits. However, 2016 seems to be an abundantly "blue" summer. We're seeing some of the most beautiful blueberries of the season right now. So with a commitment to using the freshest and finest ingredients, we have expanded our blueberry line of items. Pictured above is a Fresh Blueberry Shortcake. It's combination of tender vanilla layer cake, freshly whipped cream, and season ripened Blueberries will leave you wanting another slice for sure.

Pictured to the right are Fresh Blueberry Custard Tarts, another heavenly combination for this summer of "blue". We take our pie shell tarts and fill them with a layer of our cooked vanilla custard. The edges are bordered with freshly whipped cream and the centers then topped with plump ripe blueberries that have been tossed with our fresh cooked blueberry filling. Summer is definitely tasting good! These two items are in our store joining the all-star line up of Blueberry Cobbler, Blueberry Pudding Cake, Blueberry Crumb Pies, and Blueberry Muffins. For those who are steadfast to peaches, we are making our Fresh Peach Cake everyday right now. Peaches are just sharing the limelight in this long lasting season of blueberries!                                                                                                                                 Bushels Of Blueberries posted 8/10/16