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HOT CROSS BUNS...are a seasonal item at Haegele's. We only make them during the 40 days of Lent. On the church calendar, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and continues until Easter Sunday. It is often a time of fasting or "giving up" of sweets. Lower in sugar and rich in history, Hot Cross Buns have become the "permissible" treat among the faithful during this season of refrain. These glazed, yeast-raised buns are similar to a coffee cake and are studded with small currants. Stories abound about their origins. However, the common thread throughout, is the symbolism of the Cross which adorns the top of the bun. In the 12th century, an Anglican monk was said to have placed the sign of the Cross on the buns to honor Good Friday, the Christian holy day known as the day of The Cross. So from the pierced and risen dough, the slight bitterness of currants, to the mark of the cross which actually brings the sweetness, Cross Buns tell a story. They are a favorite for many. I suppose we could make Hot Cross Buns all year long, but somehow they would loose their richness. Cross Buns are really all about the season! With Easter only a few weeks away, Lent is at it's midway point. The days for Hot Cross Buns are indeed numbered. Don't miss out if this is one of your favorites...like Fastnachts, we only make Cross Buns at their appointed time, and a year is a long time to wait to savor their taste.                                                                                  Tradition in a Treat Posted 3/4/16