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A "Blizzard" of a Storm!

It's Saturday 1/23 and our doors will remain CLOSED today. The first winter storm of 2016 has been "falling" into place as predicted, and with the depth of such potential snowfall yet to come, Haegele's has made the decision to stay closed throughout the day. We can count on one hand the number of times we have closed for "mother-nature" over the past eight and a half decades. Unfortunately, the wind and precarious street conditions, make it a danger for travel today. We've heeded the advise to keep our vehicles "off the streets".  And so on a Saturday, the busiest day of our week, our oven is empty.... cold and lonely, in surrender to the rivaling conditions outside. To all our customers....stay warm and safe today! We thank the many who stopped by yesterday in preparation. Hopefully your accumulated supply of sweets will last throughout the storm. Or perhaps I should say, til at least Tuesday, when Haegele's Bakery is open again!    
                                                                                          Winter Is Here! 1/23/16