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MEMORIAL DAY Weekend is just a day away!

Memorial Day, or should I say "Decoration Day" 2015 is nearly here. For many, the three day weekend marks the beginning of summer travel to the Jersey Shore or to the Pocono Mts. The Holiday weekend is often filled with BBQ's and picnics and community gatherings. Though I would normally post at this point our line up of items from rolls to pies, I have decided to share words from one of our old-time customers instead. So many times, I am on the receiving end of appreciation, compliments, and heartfelt sharing from our customers, that work really isn't work at all....Here's just one example. Roll back the hands of time and imagine remembering the beginning of WWII. Recall childhood memories with visions of food ration books more clear than the cover of school books. Recall the "eery" absence of men in your community and a daily trek to view the list of Fallen Soldiers posted at your town's "City Hall". Recognizing that my customer witnessed some of the saddest times in our Nation's history made me a bit tearful as he wholehearted passed on sympathies to my generation and the generation to come. "In the middle of not having much, we knew how much we had and were grateful. Today, in the middle of having much, we don't recognize what we have, and gratitude is lost." He went on to recall "memorial days" spent in a half day of school, where students would collect flowers and greens and assemble bouquets. They would spend their school morning coloring little flags making sure every star and stripe was perfect, as a hero was to be the recipient. They gathered and when school dismissed, a parade began as they walked in line to the cemetery in town. Graves marked with a flag, were those of soldiers and easy to find, and so each student took their bouquet of flowers with their hand colored flag attached and choose a grave to decorate. With a tear, my customer recalled this scene with such clarity and great pride. Memorial Day began with the designation of a day set apart to honor lives lost in the bloodshed of our own Civil War. It was a day designated for the purpose of strewing flowers across the graves of soldiers scattered in every state. It was a day to decorate the graves of those who gave of their lives in honor and service. The day has grown to recognize all lives lost in military wars and service and it became a national holiday in 1971, ensuring that all States would practice the recognition of "Decoration Day". This explanation was not new to me as I had heard similar recollections from another who grew up in a small New England town. But for the moment, with the warmth of my customer's hand grasping mine, it was as if I was in that small town on "Decoration Day" for the first time. Take time this weekend to truly appreciate all that we have in this great nation and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. May we all remember why Memorial Day was declared a National Holiday, and be grateful!                                    posted 5/21/15