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Kugelhopf Anyone?

Gugelhopf or Gugelhupf or Kugelhopf or perhaps Kugelhuph...whether you use the traditional German spelling or a more popular spelling, it's all pronounced the same: Koo-gul-hawpf! It's an old world item, predating the era of high ratio flours and the arrival of our ever popular cake batters. It is a cake, but mixed with a sponge dough for it's ability to stand up in the absence of modern flours. It's laced with rum soaked raisins and slivered almonds. Huphen "to jump" or hopfen "to hop", describes the high crown the cake gets when baked in it's famous bundt like pan. The yeast dough truly causes the cake to jump. It's coated with a light glazed or dusted with powdered sugar. So why all the talk about Kugelhopf??? Well, we had a heartfelt request from a customer for a childhood taste so dear. If you know us at Haegele's, then you know we'll do anything for our customers. And so, 2nd generation worked alongside 3rd generation dusting off an archived recipe that perhaps hasn't been made in over 25 years. Our Kugelhoph is not a taste I was familiar with until today. It left me with one question: why did we ever stop making it? Thank you for the request...it was an honor to oblige; and my taste-buds are grateful for the indulgence.                          Posted 10/24/14